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The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.

— Edward Grey, July 1914

Portrait of a teenage German soldier of the 4th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment Der Führer after being taken as a POW by the U.S. 3rd Armored Division during the Battle of the Bulge. Near St. Vith, Liège, Wallonia, Belgium. 23 December 1944.

Songs for and poems by the war poets.

1. Anthem For Doomed Youth (Wilfred Owen) - Sean Bean   |   2. The Half-Killed - Dario Marianelli   |   3. The Last Laugh (Wilfred Own) - Sean Bean   |   4. Panic Attack - Turin Brakes   |   5. Attack (Siegfried Sassoon) - Gemma Arterton   |   6. Elegy For Dunkirk - Dario Marianelli   |   7. Dulce et Decorum Est (Wilfred Own) - Christopher Eccleston   |   8.  Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons   |   9. How To Kill (Keith Douglas) - Noel Clarke   |   10. Letters - Yann Tiersen   |   11. Arms and the Boy (Wilfred Own) - Gemma Arterton   |   12. Well Worn Hand - Editors   |   13. Suicide In The Trenches (Siegfried Sassoon) - Stephen Graham   |   14. Shallow Grave - The Tallest Man On Earth   |   15. In Times Of Peace (John Agard) - Noel Clarke   |   16. After The Bombs - The Decemberists   |   17. Last Post (Carol Ann Duffy) - Vicky McClure   |   18. Home From War - Frightened Rabbit   |   19. The Dug Out (Siegfried Sassoon) - Sophie Okondeo   |   20. Ghosts That We Knew - Mumford & Sons   |   21. The Soldier (Rupert Brooke) - Sophie Okondeo   |   22. Goodbye England (Covered In Snow) - Laura Marling   |   Bonus: The Soldiering Life - The Decemberists


Portrait of a Ukrainian collaborationist member of the Auxiliary Police employed by German authorities in Lviv, Ukraine. Prior to 1939, the city was called Lwów and was part of the Second Polish Republic until Poland was invaded and partitioned by Germany and the Soviet Union. Lviv (Lwów), Lviv Oblast, Ukraine, Soviet Union. June 1941.

The Nazi surrender celebrated in Moscow’s Red Square. May 9, 1945.
Fun Fact: Following the German surrender in the early hours of the morning, so much vodka was drank that there was a mass shortage.


American nurses land in Normandy, 1944


Anonymous asked: Wer war 1914 deutscher Reichskanzler

Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg






This is one of the most haunting photos I have ever seen. It is hundreds of wedding rings that were removed from those in Concentration Camps.
I haven’t seen a single post on my dash about it being the remembrance day of the Holocaust today so I guess it’s up to me
This is sobering.

Too important a message to not reblog.

this picture alWAYS FUCKS WITH ME

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